For Adoption

"You can't change the world by rescuing one Long Ear, but for that one Long Ear, its world is changed forever."

To adopt an animal from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue you will need to download, fill out, and submit an Adoption Application in doc format, or Adoption Application in PDF format. to Ann Firestone either by email at or U.S. Mail at:
Ann Firestone, 23 Saw Mill Road, South Acworth, NH 03607.

Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. Adoptions will not be considered without an adoption application. We check refereneces and will let you know when your application has been processed and can discuss matching you with the right donkey(s) and/or mule(s).

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

While Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue enjoys working with other rescues whenever we can, we remain an independent 501(c)(3) non profit donkey and mule rescue. We have no affiliation with any other rescue organizations.

Listed here are donkey's and mules who are currently available for adoption. Adoption fees may vary, based on any individuals level of training, ie under saddle, driving, etc.

All animals will be up to date on rabies, tetanus, and have a current coggins if applicable.

Once your application has been approved we will happily keep your animal(s) here for two weeks at no charge. We understand that it can take time to get your property properly set up for your new additions. After two weeks, we charge a boarding fee of $75.00 a week per animal.

Visit our Adoption Information page for more information on how to adopt a long ear from SYALER.

As a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization the money needed for the care and upkeep of the animals in the rescue comes from donations, sales of merchandise, as well as adoption fees. In spite of that fact we are lowering our adoption fees for now to try to help make adopting a donkey or mule a bit more affordable.

The poor economy has affected us all. We only have eight animals at a time in the rescue. This ensures every animal getting the individual care and attention it deserves. Every time an animal goes to itís new home, that makes room for another to come in. Hopefully the move to lower our adoption fees a bit will help more people be able to welcome a long ear into their lives.

We do our best to keep this page current but please be understanding if you call about a long ear listed on this page and find that he or she has already been adopted! We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes but please, if you are interested in having a long ear in your family, and you find that the one on this page has been adopted already, talk to us about your interest and we will do our best to help you find your new best friend.

Ann Firestone - Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue, Broomtail Farm,
23 Saw Mill Road,
South Acworth, NH,
03607 (603) 835-2971

Adoption fees are:

Minis 600. Pairs: $900.00 Mini Singles: $750.00
Standards: $500. Pairs: $750.00
Mammoths and mules: Adoption fee will vary depending on training level of animal.

Josie and Sparky

Josie is a 20 year old silvery gray standard jennet. She loves attention especially being groomed. She has been ground driven in a hackamore. She knows Gee, Haw, Whoa, and Back, as well as Walk On. She would make a fun driving prospect for someone willing to take the time to work with her. She is good for the farrier.

Sparky is a 15 year old gray dun standard jennet. She loves to be cuddled and leads well. She too is good for the farrier. They are both on diets which we will go over with new adopters. Keeping their weight down will be priority.

They are both utd on rabies, tetanus, WNV, and have a negative coggins.

Adoption fee: 750. pair

(Josie on left, and Sparky is on right)


Luke and Nelly

Luke and Nelly are a bonded pair of Belgian draft mules. Both are utd on Rabies, tetanus, and have a negative coggins. Nelly is 16.2 hands tall and 15 years old. Luke is 15.2 hands tall and 17 years old. Both have taken a lot of work to be the sweet in your pocket, gentle giants they are today.

Nelly is fine with someone on her back we do not know the extent of her under saddle or harness training. Both are well versed in clicker training. They are quick learners and love the game.

Adoption fee: $1000/ pair

(Nelly on left, and Luke is on right)



Arlo is an adorable,13 year old, approx 14 hands dark bay mule. He is as sweet as can be. He has recently come back to the rescue due to the loss of his buddy. He gets along with donkeys, mules, and horses and is generally just an easy going guy.

He originally came from auction where his owner was told he had been part of a driving pair. Judging by how well behaved he is for the vet and farrier we think it would not take much training to get him under saddle or driving.

He is utd on rabies, tetanus, and has a negative coggins

Adoption fee: 500.00


Betty and Surprise

Betty is a seven year old standard Jennet. She came in with her two and a half year old daughter aptly named Surprise. They are beautiful looking donkeys with lovely stripey legs. Both are utd on rabies, tetanus, and have a negative coggins.

Betty is a bit of an introvert. She needs someone willing to spend time bonding with her to bring her out of her shell. Once she bonds she will blossom. She ground drives with a bit so with some positive reinforcement training she could be a nice driving prospect.

Her daughter Surprise is very sweet and friendly, loves the butt scratches and loves to run and play.

Adoption fee: 750.00 pair

(Betty on left Surprise on right)



Shadow is a gray dun, stockily built jennet. She is six years old and in great health. She is utd on rabies, EEE, EWT and WNV and has a negative coggins. She will need to go to a home with a donkey to keep her company. She is playful, so would most likely do well with a gelding as a buddy, or do fine with another jennet. She was sedated for her first hoof trim and we are still in the process of halter/lead training. Iím sure her training will go well.

We have been letting her settle in to her new digs before asking too much of her. She came in as a runaway as she had left her home for a neighbors. Her owners were in the process of moving so did not want her back! The woman whose home she chose was kind enough to care for her until we could come to get her.

Adoption fee $500.00


Stevie and Happy

Stevie and Happy are a bonded pair of standard donkey jennets. Happy is five years old and Stevie is seven years old. They are in perfect body condition/conformation and are up to date on rabies and tetanus vaccine and have a negative coggins.

Stevie was very well behaved for the farrier but Happy needs to be worked with a bit more on foot handling. They are both sweet, affectionate donkeys who enjoy being groomed and have attention paid to them. They will follow you everywhere!! Stevie goes under saddle for kids and will walk and trot on a lead line, according to previous owner.

Adoption fee: $750.00. Pair



Betty has come so far in the three years she has been with us. Growing from a very frightened, defensive hinny, to one that is relaxed, accepting and curious of people and new situations. She is four years old and beautiful. She is extremely intelligent and learns quickly, she also loves her training sessions with Hannah and Mike.

We would love to find Betty a home with someone familiar with positive reinforcement (clicker training) as she responds extremely well to it. Her emotional state and trust issues are the areas where she still need work, She needs to know she can be safe around people.

This will take a very special adopter. We will negotiate her adoption fee due to this fact, in an effort to find the best home possible for our Beautiful Betty.



Maria is a sweet, sweet donkey who loves attention. She was not cared for very well in her former home, but we have brought her around so she is now looking good and feeling well. She gets along well with other donkeys and would love to have her own person to dote on her. She will need to go to a home with another donkey. Maria also loves to "smile" for treats and adores kids. Maria is up-to-date on rabies and tetanus vaccine and has a negative Coggins.

Adoption fee: $500.00


Blossom and Daisy

Blossom and Daisy are a bonded pair of standard jennets. Blossom is about ten years old and Daisy about five. They came in separately, but quickly bonded. They are both fearful, shy donkeys who will need to go to a home with a patient, understanding family who will be willing to work with them using positive reinforcement training. They have come a long way, but are still not totally trusting. They have both been started on our agility course, and love it!

They are utd on rabies and tetanus vaccine and have a negative coggins.

Adoption fee: To be discussed due to their need for more training.